2014-2015 Collaboration Project

Dedicated to finding ways in which the classical model of performance might appeal to musicians AND non-musicians alike, Erika is in the midst of a recital series that explores the topic of, "Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration within the Arts".  By offering three alternate forms of artistic expression in conjunction with the musical performance, the collaborative exploration hopes to broaden the accessibility of the musical product so as to appeal to new audience members. By using visual art, spoken word and dance, listeners have many different portals in which to hear AND see the music

"Music with Dance" is the culmination of a year-long series of recitals dedicated to, interdisciplinary collaborations across the musical, literary, visual, media, and choreographic arts. The final recital within the series will feature music with media-based arts and dance.  This solo flute recital is combined with commissioned choreography, original video art and an original lighting design that combine to provide multiple entry points into the musical landscape.   Click on buttons below for video recordings of each piece.   Please refer to the accompanying program notes for more information regarding the choreographed movement and video projections.  Click here. to access the notes.

Music with Visual Art:

The first concert started the series by exploring ways in which visual art and music intersected during the 1930’s.  This lecture recital compared six composers' music written for flute around the 1930's with accompanying paintings, photographs and murals commissioned by the Works Progress Act of Franklin Roosevelt's Administration.  By establishing the flute as a compositional canvas for showcasing the different styles and traditions during this decade, six unique approaches to composition emerge: the romantic persuasion of Howard Hanson, the didactic compositional command of the Yankee Classicist Walter Piston, the “American” sounds of Virgil Thomson, the inventor of a new soundscape Edgard Varèse, and the experimental modernist, Ruth Crawford Seeger.

Video recordings with the paired images are linked to the "buttons" below.  The accompanying lectures can also be found on youtube.

Music with Spoken Word:


The second recital explored ways in which music and words are combined with the premiere of five works by current or previous University of Michigan composition students. In May of 2014, Matthew Browne, Nadine Dyskant-Miller, Natalie Moller, Diana Sussman and Michael-Thomas Foumai received a commission to write a piece of music that, "incorporates dramatic spoken dialogue into a musical score." With such a broad prompt, each composer had their own unique approach to instrumentation, subject matter, text, use of narration/speaking etc.  Please refer to the accompanying program notes (click here) for more information regarding text and composer information.