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"Music with Spoken Word", 2nd dissertation recital

The second of three dissertation recitals, "Music with Spoken Word", consists of six newly commissioned works for the flute with spoken word incorporated.  Composers: Michael-Thomas Foumai, Matthew Bridgham, Matthew Browne, Nadine Dyskant-Miller, Natalie Moller and Diana Sussman have all drawn upon either pre-existing texts such as poems by Rumi and Gertrude Stein, created their own words or are working in conjunction with writers/poets.  All pieces range in instrumentation and use of spoken word. Some works incorporate stage acting, others rely upon musicians rhythmically reciting words in addition to playing musical notes and additionally, poets will also be involved in the performance, reciting their own work.

This recital is a part of a year-long series of concerts that is dedicated to "Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration within the Arts".  This overarching theme permeates all three recitals as a means for finding new and innovative ways of presenting the classical model of performance so that it might be accessible to musicians AND non-musicians alike. By offering three alternate forms of artistic expression, I hope to provide audience members with multiple entry points into the context in which pieces were written and into the music itself.  By using visual art, spoken word and dance, listeners have many different portals through which to hear AND see the music.  At a point when media and the internet saturates the majority of popular artistic consumption, classical musicians need to start thinking of ways in which their art form might evolve to accommodate the shifting sands of the twenty-first century's popular aesthetic.  It is my hope that from this year's series of recitals, other aspiring classical musicians will feel empowered and inspired to experiment with ways in which they can collaborate with other disciplines to broaden their musical product.   It is through collaboration that classical music will ensure a future for itself.

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